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The Company

At Football Radar we provide executive advice for clubs and betting companies, offering world-leading insight, underpinned by unique football analysis that unravels the game at a scientific level.

Football Radar uses a qualitative methodology that sets us apart from other football analysis companies. We apply structured evaluations of every event and movement in the game and then distill these in our advanced quantitative models. Our football coverage is global, every match in the major European leagues and beyond is analysed, in order to come up with a precise prediction of the strength of each team.

For our company to thrive we need people with a passion for spotting the intricacies of the game and the ability to study these to a high standard. Over the last few years we have grown rapidly and we owe our success to the strength of our employees. There is an entrepreneurial energy surrounding our company with a professional yet friendly atmosphere. At Football Radar you will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented football minds in the world, and become a leading expert in football analytics. You’ll be helping us to change the game!

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