Yoummday GmbH


We are Yoummday South East Europe a part of the Yoummday Group.

Yoummday is a fast-growing shared-economy platform, headquartered in Munich, Germany. Yoummday operates globally and is regarded as the most innovative company in the contact center industry. We offer the world"s first online marketplace for call center solutions, where service providers (we call them our talents) and customers can agree to business - with unbeatable efficiency and flexibility!

To support our fast-growing operations Yoummday SEE is positioned as the Service Delivery Center for the Yoummday Group. From Sofia, Bulgaria our team of highly motivated professional has the key role in delivering high level of Training and Quality, ensuring smooth Operations Management and excellence in the Account Management.

Our corporations in Germany (Munich and Halle) and South East Europe have over 17.000 agents available on our platform, speaking 14 languages and offering services in nine areas, structured as follows:

Outbound services:

- Telesales

- Market research

- Customer surveys

- Lead Qualification

Inbound services:

- Customer support

- Order Hotlines

Other Customer services:

- Email-Services

- Chat-Services

- Social Media Services