Pontica Solutions
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Pontica Solutions is a Stevie® award-winning BPO company that offers great opportunities for young professionals. We have managed to create a sustainable and people-oriented team and to concentrate our expertise in quality. We help our clients deliver excellence and meet the expectations of their highly demanding customers. 

Starting with one client and growing consistently gave us the advantage of understanding how important the personal approach is, and keeps motivating us to achieve the best results for our partners while maintaining a healthy working environment.

We help our clients deliver excellence, meet the expectations of highly demanding customers and monetize their business in over 12 languages.

The executive team, hand-picked for their experience in business process outsourcing, strongly believe that as long as the focus is on the customer all else will follow. Our constant strive to build open and honest relationships with our clients allows us to maintain a highly transparent ambiance at every level of the organization.

Our highly effective training programs have turned our team members into professionals, who provide excellent customer service and constantly improve their skills.